Muestra Internacional


Video Art and Experimental Video Showcase
Octubre 8 - 11 de 2024



Convocatoria abierta hasta el 30 de junio.




Invitamos a las y los creadores de todo el mundo a enviar trabajos  de videoarte, video experimental, video danza, video performance, video poesía, animación y cine experimental; trabajos realizados entre el año 2021 y 2024. Los trabajos que tengan diálogos y/o textos en un idioma diferente al español deben estar subtitulados en este idioma.


Las inscripciones las pueden realizar directamente o a través de la plataforma de Festhome.


Para la inscripción directa por favor llenar el siguiente formulario:






Video Art and Experimental Video Showcase Medellin, October 8 to 11, 2024



Cinema Workshop Project, Magic Eye Audiovisual Production Company and Wild Wood Corporation invite artists, visual artists, filmmakers, professionals, students and amateurs, to present their work in Intermediations, a Video Art and Experimental Video Showcase.


The Showcasewill take place in the City of Medellin, Colombia. It isa non-­‐competitive event, that seeks to promote and divulge different practices surrounding audiovisual works, specifically, artistic and experimentalvideo.


Entries will be exhibited in three categories: Local, National and International exhibitions.




We invite creators from around the world to submit works produced between 2021- 2024. Works with dialogue and/or text in a language other than Spanish should include Spanish subtitles.


You can register works of:

Video art
Video dance
Experimental video
Video performance
Experimental animation
Video poetry
Experimental cinema



Registration through FESTHOME, or direct registration.


For direct registration please fill in the following form:





  •  Works including racial discrimination, works that incite violence, as well as works portraying animal abuse will not beaccepted.


  • There are no limits to the number of work submissions by each author or participant(s).


  • For the International Sample and the Experimental Narrations, only registrations are received through the Festhome platform.


  • Intermediations showcase is not responsible for any copyright infringement incurred by the authors of the works submitted; any legal claim will fall and be responded by the owners and/or creators of thework.


  • Deadline June 30 /2024.


  • Works selected will be notified via email by Intermediations showcase



  • The owners and/or creators of the works selected should send a copy of the chosen work via WeTransfer, MyairBridge, or mail, (.mov format).


  • The works submitted for selection they will become part of the archive of Intermediations Video Art and Experimental Video Showcase. They will be made available for screenings, events, and media promotion organized by Intermediations for culturalpurposes.


  • After the Video Art and Experimental Video Showcase, Intermediations may use selected productions for cultural and environmental programs, provided that the entry is free, informing the directors or producers or distributors of the place and date.


  • The Filmmaker´s and producers will give in the rights without any charge during the Video Art and Experimental Video Showcase, and for cultural programs, providedIntermediations.




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